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I am beyond excited to welcome Gracie and Tracy (G & T Designs) as our November featured designers.  You can find their beautiful and unique designs exclusively at E-scape and Scrap.  They are widely recognised for the quality and beauty of their designs and have been published in the well respected magazines, The Somerset Digital Studio and Artful Blogging.

Look in our forum HERE for the featured designer challenge.  The girls have donated a beautiful mini kit for our Just Art members to work with and also a generous coupon to their store.  THANK YOU Tracy and Gracie.


Links for G & T Designs are:  STORE .......... FACEBOOK .......... BLOG .......... PINTEREST

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Hello, we are Gracie and Tracy aka G & T Designs. We were both born in Liverpool UK. Tracy has always lived in the area. I moved away when was 4 years old and moved back 5 years ago. We met online on a scrapbooking site (Daisytrail) and became good friends. Tracy was in Liverpool with her partner Cliff and I lived in Shropshire with my son Alex.

We spoke most days via messenger and both really wanted to start designing our own kits. We both love art, photography and of course creating!! Tracy loves to draw and paint and create mixed media projects. I love to draw and make cards. We had lots to research, learn and understand about starting and creating a kit from scratch, especially the technical side of designing. We used and still use Serif Craft Artist Professional and Photoshop CS extended software.

After a good deal of blood sweat and tears we went on to create a free kit to see how it would be received and to our delight people loved it. We released our first commercial kit in 2011. It was called The Magpies Memories (which we have recently updated and re-released to allow our newer customers to have access to it, and because we have a special soft spot for our first kit). It was very successful!! We were thrilled and excited to create again and so it has continued……..

We have been lucky enough to have been published on three occasions in The Somerset Digital Studio and Artful Blogging magazines.





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