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Our featured designer for July is Zesty Designs.  I'm thrilled to feature my fellow Australian, Esther, and her lovely designs.  Esther has been designing for many years and you can find her store at THE STUDIO.

Look in the forum HERE for the July Featured Designer Challenge.  Esther has donated a lovely freebie for members to work with for this challenge.

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Born post WW2, I belong in the ‘baby boomer’ set so I’m in good company with the many digital scrapbooking designers and scrappers who are in that age bracket. I started scrapbooking many years ago and the many boxes of supplies piled up in my garage attest to my ‘addiction’. Needless to say, since discovering digital scrapbooking, those supplies are rarely accessed.

I’m in what is supposed to be the retirement phase of life, but I don’t think I’ve actually hit retirement just yet. I seem to spend a great deal of time creating new kits and collections as well as designer resources. Because I am also committed to serving in my Church community, I have little ‘spare’ time. When I can carve out a little extra time I enjoy doing things with my family as well as gardening.

My one and only daughter and her husband are the pastors in my Church so I try to be as supportive of them as possible. They have two children – my granddaughter who is in her final year of high school and my grandson who enters senior high next year. This is my only family and I’m grateful that they live in the same city and we are in close contact.

We live in Townsville in North Queensland, Australia. It is a coastal, tropical city and a major regional hub. Our winters are wonderful and our summers are livable – if you have air-conditioning. For short vacations, we love to jump on the ferry and take the twenty minute ride across to the beautiful Magnetic Island.

I started designing almost ten years ago using Photoshop Elements. My kits are mostly ‘realistic’ in style. From my love of gardening, come many of my photographic extractions. Extractions make up a large part of my elements. I love experimenting with papers too. The software I use now is Photoshop CS6. My designer name is derived from my name – Esther. How did that happen, you ask? Well, I have a good friend who calls me ‘Est’, so from that came Zest...then Zesty. Originally I designed under the name ‘Zesty Digi Designs’ but in time, I shortened that to ‘Zesty Designs’.

Designing has been quite a journey – an exciting journey of challenge, learning and growth – and it hasn’t ended yet for Zesty Designs!



Cruise Control   1000-zestydesigns-springgarden-pamr-01.jpg
 Serenity  welcoming-spring.jpg
 Zesty Designs-What I Love About You-2-Lisa  daisy.jpg
 Zesty Designs-Winter Freeze-3-Lisa  ZestyDesigns-GardenOfDreams-2-HSA-ALittleBitArty#2-Lisa
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