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I am delighted to feature ADB Designs as our featured designer for May.  Diane has been know to me, and I'm sure a lot of you too, for many years.  She has many facets to her designs and is know for her lovely heritage work.

ADB Designs

As well as Diane's personal store, which you can find HERE, Diane currently sells at My Memories, goDigitalScrapbooking and the Studio.

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Don't forget to look in the forum HERE during May for a lovely FREEBIE from Diane for our May Featured Designer Challenge!



I grew up in Emporia Kansas and have always maintained my mid-western roots. After graduating from High School I married my first husband and we moved to Arkansas City Kansas (on the Oklahoma border) - I worked and attended college and he taught Junior High Science.  

We moved to Laramie Wyoming and I continued to work and he planned to attend graduate school but those plans were never meant to be completed. He died in a single car accident at 27. My home and my job were in Cheyenne and I put finishing college on hold for a few years; I married again and had a daughter, Rochelle.  That married ended in divorce and Rochelle and I were content to be a family of two.  Rochelle was very ill as a newborn and throughout her childhood she was in and out of hospitals. Her care and my job filled my universe.

They say you find love when you are not looking for it, and this was the case for me. I met Jim (at the Cheyenne Club!) and it was love at first sight. We have been married now for almost 33 years. Our son, Matthew, completed our family in 1986.

My job brought us from Cheyenne to Omaha, Nebraska in 1988. We miss the plains of Wyoming very much but are grateful for the career advancement that came to me.  Jim was a professional photographer (now retired) and that allowed him to move with more ease than many two income families would experience.

I worked (and traveled for work) and returned to collage, graduating from UNO and then with a graduate degree in Information management from Emporia State (life comes full circle, returning to my home town for grad school.)

I LOVE to read and sew and study history. I am a genealogist and family historian. Scrapbooking of my family history efforts is what brought me to digital scrapbooking and finally to designing.  I am happiest when working with vintage products and creating kits for use for other family historians.  I love to mix realistic with watercolor and work with fresh clean colors as well as the rich deep palettes often associated with vintage kits.

Jim & I live in a small town north of Omaha now, on a heavily timbered 5 acres with our two English Setters (Gus & Betty) and our cat (Killer Kitty).  The peacefulness and quiet solitude are precious to me and inspire my work.

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