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 Do you enjoy participating in challenges?

We have a variety of new challenges every month hosted by our members.

We also have a progressive challenge which starts on the second Sunday of each month.  New instructions are posted every second day for the following five days. 

You can find more details in the forum.

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We are proud of our forum.  It's a very active, supportive, inclusive and friendly forum.

Please introduce yourself and join in our community.

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Our gorgeous gallery is one of the best in the digi-world.

You need to be an active forum member to use the gallery, but because we don't have a store you are most welcome to use whatever you have in your stash!

More details are available on the gallery page.

Thank you to Britta (Rollinchen) for this week's lovely gallery selections and comments.



PIMPELMEES by Jeannette.  I noticed the beautiful spring colors immediately! Looking closer, you will always notice something new, the beautiful elements, the background, the photo blending and the true Word Art.



DON'T LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR DREAMS by Veronika.  I like her layout, how she played with the effects! I've been dreaming since I got my driver's license from a pink car.

don't let anyone steal your dreams


JUST IMAGINE by Margje.  I like these artful details and their play with the different styles!

Just imagine


QUOTE CHALLENGE SPRING & AUTUMN by Migueline.    I love how she has dazzled the woman's face with the landscape photo!!



THINKING OF JILL by BrightEyes.  This wonderful tribute to Jill in her fight against Cancer just has to go with it. The layout shows exactly what I feel. I think of Jill every day anyway.

Thinking of Jill


SUNNY DAY by Chic_lady.  The layout radiates so much warmth with the warm shining yellow tone!

Sunny Day

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