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 Do you enjoy participating in challenges?

We have a variety of new challenges every month hosted by our members.

We also have a progressive challenge which starts on the second Sunday of each month.  New instructions are posted every second day for the following five days. 

You can find more details in the forum.

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We are proud of our forum.  It's a very active, supportive, inclusive and friendly forum.

Please introduce yourself and join in our community.

You will be assured of a very warm welcome.

Our motto is one of caring and sharing!



Our gorgeous gallery is one of the best in the digi-world.

You need to be an active forum member to use the gallery, but because we don't have a store you are most welcome to use whatever you have in your stash!

More details are available on the gallery page.

Thank you to Micheline (Migueline) for her lovely gallery selections and great comments!



 OUTDOOR FUN by Moni.  Love these beautiful sketched photos blended in the background and the framed photo in front with the buttons border, very creative.

Outdoor fun


MUSIC IN THE AIR by Anita. Fantastic artsy page. Love the neutral tone of the background with B&W face. Fabulous effects and textures.

Music in the Air


THE HEART OF THE HOME by jirsev. Fantastic artsy page. Love the neutral tone of the background with B&W face. Fabulous effects and textures.

*The heart of the home*


CHANGE OUR PERSPECTIVE by Margje.  Fabulous big photo and effects, the color tones in perfect harmony with the background and elements and fab quote.

Change our perspective


BREATH RELAX by Mary (Poppy).  Love the blending here with the turquoise color, the big words of advice on all the page to encourage her friend to relax.

Breath Relax


EYE OF THE BEHOLDER by nemla (Vivi).  This page is mysterious and intriguing with the white transparence of the beautiful photo in contrast with the dark background and vibrant colors. Superb texture of the paper too.

Eye of the beholder


LIFE by Veronika.  Beautiful charming page with the lovely girl and shadow and the ways how it's framed, the soft colors and the very nice clustering on the right side of the page. Love the quote too much.



FEELIN' GOOD by Ona. Fabulous page and joyful photo. Love the photo treatment with these beautiful colors in contrast with black in perfect harmony with the colors of the kit.



I'M GOING TO MAKE THE BEST OF MY LIFE by Gina. Fabulous blending of this woman who looks free and so happy, the colors match so well with the red background, love the work of brushing and the perfect wordart.

I'm going to make the best of my life


AFTER THE RAIN by Sonja.  Beautiful blending of the splendid beach picture and the sky that emerges and we can perceive the good weather coming back. Yes after the rain comes the sun.

After the rain

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